The Utah State coaching staff added a talented Cache Valley offensive lineman into the fold on the evening of Tuesday, February the 2nd when Sky View High (UT) offensive lineman Evan Hall accepted his offer to join the Aggies as a preferred walk-on. Evan was rated a high two-star by 247Sports while at Sky View. He currently checks in at 6 foot 5 and 295 pounds. As a senior in 2020, Evan started every game at left tackle while also recording 42 tackles and 1.0 sack at defensive tackle. As a junior in 2019, he started every game at left tackle and logged 34 tackles at defensive tackle. As a sophomore in 2018, he once again started every game at left tackle.

I had the opportunity to have a Q&A with Evan about his commitment to the Aggies.

BP: First question, will you be joining the team next year for the 2021 season or are you a mission first player?

EH: I will be joining the team this fall for the 2021 season!

BP: Very cool! I’m looking forward to it!

BP: You are initially joining the Aggies as a preferred walk-on correct?

EH: Yes I received the PWO (preferred walk-on offer) about a week or so ago and then I committed on Tuesday night and signed my letter of intent on National signing day!

BP: Nice! It’s awesome to see local dudes like yourself get a chance to stay home!

BP: Will you be playing on the offensive or defensive line?

EH: I will be playing the offensive line at USU

BP: Do you know if you’ll be at guard or tackle?

EH: I am not sure what position I’ll be playing yet!

BP: I would imagine you’ve been a campus several times. What is it about the campus that drew you to Utah State?

EH: I just love the scenic tours around it, growing up so close I have always gotten season tickets! I’ve wanted to be an Aggie since I was a little kid and once I had the opportunity the decision was easy!

BP: I love it when we bring in guys that have always wanted to be an Aggie!

BP: Have you had an opportunity to meet members of the new coaching staff? And if so, what was your first impression?

EH: I haven’t met any of them quite yet but I’ve talked with (Senior Offensive Analyst) Coach (Mike) Gibbs and he seems like a great guy!!! 

BP: What kind of player do you feel you are? What do you bring to the table when you step onto the field?

EH: I feel like I am a energetic player. I like to get the crowd involved and I can do a very good job of that by making big blocks.

BP: I like that. There is nothing wrong with an offensive lineman wanting to get things going by lighting someone up.

BP: Technically speaking what do you feel like you do best? What skills are the strong point of your game?

EH: I feel like my run blocking is my strong suit of my game I’ve always been able to get displacement at the line of scrimmage and fit up on a line backer when needed!!

BP: Being physical is the name of the game on the offensive line.

BP: What goals or aspirations do you have leading into the 2021 season?

EH: My main goal this season is to get a feel for the offense and better myself so I can prepare to help the team out in the future! I also want to help the Aggies get back to as successful as we can be!

BP: I really dig how you’re already saying “we” that says team guy all the way!

EH: Yessir, I’ve always been a big team guy! I know that we as a team cannot get stuff done unless we trust one another in our jobs on the field!!

BP: What Aggie coach or coaches were your primary recruiters during the process?

EH: My primary recruiter was coach Michael Gibbs the offensive analyst. He was very awesome to work with the whole time!!

BP: That’s very cool to hear that members of the new coaching staff are doing se well!

EH: Yeah they are really doing a great job!!

BP: At the time of your commitment, what other schools did you have offers from and which ones were recruiting you the hardest?

EH: When I committed to Utah state as a PWO, I had also received a PWO from Dixie State and a scholarship offer from Snow College. They both were recruiting me very hard. I had a call with those two schools before I made my decision but in the end I knew I was meant to be an Aggie! It just all felt right!

BP: Why did you choose to commit to Utah State?

EH: I chose Utah State for a number of reasons! Some of those being how far away it was from home had an impact, and also the staff. The new staff is awesome and I really liked what I saw and wanted to come be a part of something special and help contribute to that Aggie Legacy!! Ever since I was a young kid I always wanted to wear that Aggie blue on Saturdays and when I got the opportunity to do so, my decision was a whole lot easier!

BP: It’s awesome to add lifetime Aggies to the fold! Welcome to Aggie Nation my man!

EH: Thank you a lot and Go Aggies! I can’t wait to get to work!

Evan is strong at the point of engagement. He does a good job of completing his blocking assignments whether it be kicking out an opponent to the sideline or blocking down on a defensive tackle. Once he successfully kicks an opponent out of the hole, he does a good job of moving on to the next level and engaging with a linebacker. Playing  basketball as a dual-sport athlete has helped him develop good footwork which allows him to be a good pass blocker. Getting Cache Valley kids like Evan to stay home and play at Utah State is a must for the new coaching staff. Evan will have every opportunity to compete for a scholarship.